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Heavenly Voice
By the NAOH Mailing List
Hoowee, Sailor Bob, Zappo, Sev, Yi Lei and Resie

This Fic is dedicated to Mayrina ^^

Resie, Round 01

Shinyou wasn't having a good day today... nothing seemed to want to go right for the God of the eagles... He couldn't find Suukuko either... He spotted KouTenka practising with his... 'Light Saber'. Seeming as he had nothing to better to do he though he'd might give him a bit of a scare... Just for some fun.... "KouTenka seems to concentrating awfully hard at the moment" Shinyou thought to himself. Making sure Tenka didn't see him he carefully flew in behind him... Then there was this big loud SQUAWK! Tenka was concentrating so hard that he jumped ten feet off the ground, his 'Light Saber' flying out his hands & hitting a nearby tree which fell onto the nearest building! The next thing you know

Hoowee, Round 01

know what happens when Kibi sees Fuugen?” Puzzeled by that statement Fuugen turned to Taikoubou. “Bou-chan, surely it can’t be that bad” The mass silence of the group settled heavily on Fuugen’s shoulders causing him to sweat slightly. Surely Kibi couldn’t be ‘that’ bad. But then why was everybody staring at him as if he had two heads? “It can be?” More silence.

Sailor Bob, Round 01

...silence. Bunchuu looked around at everyone and raised an eyebrow. Was it just him that could see that everyone was completly naked!? He blinked a couple of times but nothing happened. He walked over to Fugen and asked "Is everyone supposed to be like that?" Fugen looked at him like he was raving mad. "What do you mean?" he asked. It was obviously just him. Maybe his fake eye-piece-thing was playing up. He took it off and polished it up a bit and put it back on. He blinked a couple of times again and everyone was wearing...

Sev, Round 01

wearing a beautiful Technicolor dream coat. "You look great suu!" Suupuu commented as Raishinshi strutted around his coat of many colours. Raishinshi grumbled and then glared at Suupuu. "I don't FEEL great!! Why do I have to wear this stupid coat!?? HatsuRAI!" With that the angry Raishinshi sent a lighting bolt that turned everyone into crispy

Yi Lei, Round 01

chicken that Chou Koumei heartilly swallowed with a gulp of wine from his goblet. Bunchuu stared on at his eating frenzy in both amusement and shock that someone could possibly eat so much. This continued on for several hours as Koumei wrote numerous letters to Dakki. For what, no one will be able to tell. Bunchuu pondered what he could possibly up to when Dakki herself walked in with Kijin humming

Zappo, Round 01

humming 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' while playing golf. Dakki saw them and happily join the group, bringing Kijin along. Geez this is boring, thought Kijin. Why am I here playing golf while I should be training myself to defeat that bastard Taikoubou? 'Sister Dakki,' Kijin called out from behind.'Would you like something to eat? I'm going to buy something to eat.' She'd make up any excuse to get out of golf. 'I want snake with

Resie, Round 02

with it. Oukijin was starting to get really annoyed with Kibi... Suupuu this and Suupuu that... "Oukijin! Don't you think that Suupuu is the most adorable creature in the world?!?!?" *bounce bounce* "neh neh?" I really wish she'd shut up about him...OuKijin thought. *sigh* "Neh Kibi? Will you please stop talking about that Reijyuu creature?" Offended Kibi squeals "But he's just so kawaii!" Oukijin rolls her eyes. "Oye..." Maybe if she offered her something sweet she'd finally shut up... *sigh* "How about we go get some icecream?" So they headed off to find the icecream

Hoowee, Round 02

icecream dripped down Chu’ou’s front, puddling at his feet in a nice vanilla coloured pool. Looking between the shocked face of the Emperor and the mortified Tenshou, Kibi burst out into a peal of laughter. Absolutely horrified at his clumsiness, Tenshou wished the ground would open up and swallow him. How on earth could he trip and ‘smoosh’ his icecream onto the ‘Emperor’ of all people?! ‘I am sooooo dead’ was the only thought that managed to cohesively form in his mind. Still laughing, and by this time rolling around on the ground Kibi stopped for a second to wipe the tears from her eyes and look over to Daki. “Wai wai! Kibi’s happy! Nee-san is happy to, yes?” “Yes, and I’m also craving a piece of succulent…

Sailor Bob, Round 02

...succulent piece of steak sitting right in front of him. Nataku glared at the piece of steak like it was having a stareing competition with him. Inhon looked at him. "Are you gonna eat that or not?" he asked impatiently. Nataku didn't look up, he just continued to stare at the piece of meat. It seemed like there wasn't something right about the former cow. He narrowed his eyes a little and turned his head to the side slightly. Then it started to take shape! It wasn't a piece of meat! It was someone he knew very well... they were just in disguise! How could he have been so stupid! The piece of meat started to tremble a little... Nataku backed off a little and looked around at Inhon. "Get back or you'll get hurt" He said in his usual mono-tone voice. Inhon blinked and stepped back just in time to see the slice of meat transform into...

Sev, Round 02

...into a solid brick wall. The wall slammed between Taikoubou and Chihiro Yonekura who were currently trying to sing a cute duet of the ending song. "OII!! Get this brick wall out of here! Can't you see I'm busy as this precise second!?" Taikoubou yelled, chihiro stayed quiet, quite afraid of the spaz muffin of a Doushi. "Maybe I shouldn't have offered to do a duet with this... strange ___" Chihiro..

Yi Lei, Round 02

"Abunai!" Chihiro jumped in front of Nataku protecting him from the projectile. The proceeding blast was blinding. "Where did Yonekura go?" thought all who were watching this event. Suddenly, an angelic sound began to eminate from where Chihiro was last. "Yume no kuni o sagasu kimi no na o..." sang the voice. As the song went on, Chihiro eventually reappeared inside a protective bubble generated by her voice! Everyone gasped in amazement. Nataku stared on with a bewildered look on his face while trying to digest the events unfolding before him. Suupuu flew

Zappo, Round 02

flew like a fly running for its life. Suupuu didn't matter how he looked that instant with the giant crocroach on its tail. 'Nooo!!!' Suppuu cried in tears while still flying at top speed,'I'm done for this time su!' Suddenly, out of nowhere came a beautiful melody - It was Chihiro Yonekura singing the opening theme of Houshin Engi. She stood high on the red Tokyo tower, singing passionately. The song gave Suppuu new strength, he was no longer afraid. Looking back, he sees the ugly seven storey high crocroach monster was being crushed by the music. It screamed in pain, as if the music was some kind of horrible spell.Finally, the monster turned into gas and disappeared.'Chihiro Yonekura is our heroine!' Everyone in the world cheered. The world is once again at peace.