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By the NAOH Mailing List
Hoowee, Sailor Bob, Zappo, Sev and Resie

One day, Youzen received a letter in his mailbox. It read, "Dear
Youzen-kun, I'm your secret admirer. Please meet me under the
big peach tree now."

Youzen thought, Who can it be? I'm just too popular. He sighs
heavily. Then he read the letter again. It was a hand-written
letter, and it looked like it was written by a girl.

Well, Youzen thought, "I never thought Youzen would be a Michael
Jackson fan! I knew he had weird taste in music but this is
ridiclous!" he picked up the CD and then Suukokuko came along but low
& behold he had a normal T-shirt on! It seemed that his shirt had
finally come undone all the way to the top. What had happened most of
the time that is. There wasn't much Taiitsu and Nataku agreed on, but
one thing was Taikoubou.. And in this case it was probably best for
them to work together, things like this could get out of hand.. You
never know what would happen next!

Slowly, mist rose from the earth to shroud everyone's features
with it's soft baby touch. Shivers running unintendedly down his
spine, Tenka reached out with one gloved hand, fingers grazing the
surface of a gnarled old woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Taikoubou jumped up about ten feet high.

"Holy Christ," He quickly hopped onto Suupuushan, who was
just frozen in horror. Noticing that Suupuu wasn't moving and the
scary woman is closing by, Taikoubou yelled, "Move it, Suupuu, you
big fat hippo!?

Suupuushan suddenly Bunchuu jumped out of the bushes and
yelled "Surprise!!" All that were there were very surprised. So
surprised that they ran around in circle's knocking over some poor
soul and just kept on running... Kibi was looking for Suupuu-shan &
she couldn't find him. She wanted to see her darling Suupuu! What an
adorable when he did that.. BUT it was even cuter when Taikoubou was
drunk on those lovely fruits called Sentous rained down on the group,
splattering against their clothes and leaving large, sentou-like
stains. Rolling along on the ground, more then half drunk on the
sentou downpour and cackling loudly Taikoubou managed to giggle out a
sentence. "And that, is why you don't blow up peach trees! Ka
ka ka ka!"