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Links Page

A really fantastic Houshin Engi page! Has image galleries,
summaries information on the charcters and more! Run by Aka and Sashi.
It has everything you could ask for and more! Tons of Information
on the manga and anime, cd information, translations and much more!

Anime Fruitloops
My other Webpage of which I'm the co-webmisstress with Hoowee.
We have tons of stuuff here! Image Galleries from various series,
screensavers and other multimedia such as MP3 requests & Winamp skins,
Adopt-A-Bish and Bishoujo, miscellaneous section with some rather
interesting things, Fanfiction and more!

Washu's Wind Shrine has stuuff from a few series... Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi,
Suikoden and of course Houshin Engi. As well as an Alec shrine
(from Ayashi no Ceres) and other bits and pieces.

A great little Anime search engine that I came accross one day and
added NAOH to. Has some really great sites listed!

Wanna link to NAOH? Email me and tell me you are going to link to NAOH
and I just might link back Feel free to use the above banner which is a smaller version
of the one on the main page ^_^

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