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24th October 2002

I'm back!!! From... er... No where really. I just finally managed to make myself motivated enough to start doing NAOH again. I must say it's good to be back again. I still love Houshin Engi and that will never change. I still adore Nataku, Hatsu, Bobo, Fuggle and everyone else.

You'll notice a few differences such as the fact that NAOH is no longer a suupuu or reijyuu shrine. It's now just a multimedia page and stuff like that. Don't get me wrong I still would like to do the reijyuu shrine someday but not right now ^^; Too much work and effort. Plus I still have other pages to thinks about like my s.CRY.ed site 'Altered' for which you'll see a link on the left there *points*

Well Mostly everything is the same old stuff from before, however there are probably more colour manga images than before and some winamp skins as well. PLEASE do not hesitate to send in you wallpapers, winamp skins, fics, fanart etc. I love send ins ^^ (who doesn't? ^.~) Also if anyone one would like to do more of the smaller round robin fanfiction challenges then please let me know ^^ Personally I would love to do more.

One more thing I no longer use the suupuu_shan email address, if you would like to contact me for any reason then please email me at If there is an error somewhere here then please email discreetly at my email address instead of plastering it all over my guestbook.

~ Resie